Split System vs Ducted

Want to climate control your home? Explore split system and ducted heating and cooling with Seeto Air

If you are trying to decide between a split system and a ducted system, there are plenty of features for both options.

Split systems are ideal for smaller areas that need climate control such as home offices, small units or living spaces, while ducted air conditioning is best if you’re looking to climate control an entire home.

Seeto Air offers a comprehensive quotation service onsite at your property to determine which air conditioning solution best suits your needs. Our trained and qualified air conditioning specialists can provide a full quotation for the size of systems in kW that meets your requirements and can run you through the process of installation and ongoing maintenance.

Trying to decide between a split system and a ducted system? Check out our comparison.

Split System

Suitable for small spaces and rooms

Cheaper than ducted systems and easily installed in a day

Economical and easy to maintain

Low running costs

No need for costly installation

Quick and easy to operate

Air purification options

Ducted System

Suitable for entire home

No need for bulky head units in each room, instead seamless ducts in roof

Centralised climate control

Zoning capabilities

Wi-Fi connectivity for some models (access via your smartphone)

Cheaper than running multiple split systems

Even air distribution throughout home

Low noise

Lower maintenance required with one system

We stock and install all the leading brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujitsu and Actron. All installations are carried out by fully licenced, experienced and insured technicians and backed by a 6-year installation warranty.

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