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Looking to get a new ducted system for your home or business and not sure how much it will cost?

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Thinking About The Cost Of A Ducted Air Conditioning System?

Are you thinking about installing a ducted air conditioning system (or replacing your existing system) and want to know the cost?

We have created this ducted air conditioning cost calculator so you can quickly get an idea of the price to help you better understand your options and pricing to determine your budget.

Many aspects affect the cost of a ducted system installation please remember that the result is just a guideline. It's always best to arrange a professional to perform an onsite assessment and quote so you can get an exact price for your project that is custom tailored exactly for you. We are happy to arrange a completely free quote for you

On inspection of your property our expert technician will price up your installation, your cost will vary depending on size, brand, the complexity of the installation and other factors like your operating preferences or the amount of existing equipment to be replaced. Other optional extras may include climate control zoning or WIFI controllers.

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